Made for LD38.

-- Gameplay --

Memory:Leak is a tile based city-builder.

Build anything on every tile to complete a level (occupied tiles counter is in the top left corner).

To build a city inside RAM you will have to manage mainly two types of resources: gold and population.

Every building consumes gold for maintenance and population as a workforce.

If there's no population left in the building it will be destroyed (try to avoid this).

-- Controls --

Bottom left corner:

  • Build Housing. Hotkey: 1
  • Build Campus. Hotkey: 2
  • Build Factory. Hotkey: 3
  • Build Altar. Hotkey: 4
  • Add population. Hotkey: 5

Top right corner:

  • Pause/Unpause. Hotkey: spacebar

-- Credits --

Font "5squared pixel" by "Piratype".

Made by BeardyBard team:

  • Maxim Ivanov
  • Artem Kovalev
  • Alex Lutay
Published Apr 25, 2017
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
AuthorBeardy Bard
Made withUnity, Bfxr
TagsCity Builder, ldjam, Ludum Dare 38, Pixel Art, Real time strategy
Average sessionA few minutes


Download 22 MB
Download 18 MB